Politics & Economics


Several modules on politics (for different levels)

The Internet Modern History Sourcebook


The Roots of Liberal Democracy


Thomas Hobbes


Hypertext edition of Thomas HobbesThe Leviathan” (1660)

The Moral and Political Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes from The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


John Locke


A brief discussion of the life and works of John Locke, with links to electronic texts and additional information.

A short overview of Lockean thought.

E-Text of John LockeSecond Treatise of Government” (1690)

Article on Locke’s Political Philosophy from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

John Dunn – Consent in the political Theory of John Locke

Article (PDF): John Dunn “CONSENT IN THE POLITICAL THEORY OF JOHN LOCKE”. The Historical Journal, x, 2 (1967), King’s College, Cambridge, pp. 153-182


John Stuart Mill


Overview on the The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The works of John Stuart Mill online

John Stuart Mill on The Victorian Web


The Development of Human Rights


ThinkQuest project by Roman Leifer and Julian Tam

History of universal human rights – up to WW2 by Moira Rayner




A large library of online economics lessons

Some online economics lessons

Lesson plans on some basic economic concepts


Documents Relating to Global Economy Issues


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